About Maxwell James

Editing Software/Programs

Adobe Premiere Pro CC  
Avid Media Composer Certified  
Photoshop CC  
After Effects  


2016 – Official Selection Ozark Film Festival
Charlie Chaplin at the Beach
Short Narrative: Written, Directed, Produced, Edited.
2018 – Award of Merit IndieFest, La Jolla
2018 – Official Selection Capital City Film Festival, Austin, TX
2018 – Official Selection International Black Film Festival, Nashville, TN
2018 – Winner Best Documentary International Black Film Festival, San Diego, CA
In the Know with Shari Belafonte
Documentary Short: Written and Edited

2021 – Best Video, Graphic Design USA
Sessions College Overview 

Employers (Life before freelancing…)

One America News Network: San Diego, CA  
The CW6, San Diego: CA  
XETV: Oceanside, CA  

Other Clients/Experience

Loud Pictures: Dallas, Tx  
All Romance eBooks: San Diego, CA  
RobGreenfield.TV: San Diego, CA  
WGBH: Boston, MA  
SDSU: San Diego, CA  
Artist Mollie Kellogg: San Diego, CA  
Comedian Lisa Gilbert: San Diego, CA  
The Center For World Music: San Diego, CA  
Author S.J. Harper: San Diego, CA  
All Things Pup, LLC: Poway, CA  
Birds Eye Aerial Drones: La Mesa, CA  
Stacey Blanchet Productions: San Diego, CA  
StoryCloud: San Diego, CA  
Ronnell Richards, LLC: Duluth, Georgia  
Hoan Do: Seattle, WA  
Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM: New York, NY  
FitBehave.com: Los Angeles, CA  
PeakClinics.com: Austin, TX  
Sol Marketing Solutions, LLC: Encinitas, CA  
Adorned Photography, LLC: Miami, FL  
Chad Wild Clay: Los Angeles, CA  
Madison & White: Canada  
Dash Two, LLC: Los Angeles, CA  
Cambrick Yard, LLC for Disney Food Blog: Dallas, TX  
Angela Hauck: Canada  
Successly.io: San Francisco, CA  
MyHomeVitality.com: United Kingdom  
Chris Emmer, Sweaty Wisdom: Fremont, CA  
PDX Web Properties, LLC: Portland, OR  
Cornell Wellness: Ithaca, NY  
Hevesh5: Sandown, NH  
Zhou Ventures, Inc.: Chicago, IL  
Proteam Realty: Pleasant Hill, CA  
Christopher Brown/Orange County Soccer Club: Mission Viejo, CA  
Simplicity: A Real Estate Brokerage Company: Miami, FL  
The Skorys LLC: Tucson, AZ  
Melissa Mills: Perth, Australia  
Stu Clemons: New York, NY  
Christina Previte: New York, NY  
Luxury Groomers: New York, NY  
Angie Mays: San Diego, CA  
Trust Tree Productions: Malibu, CA  
Rochelle Lecavalier/Pink Palm Properties: Boca Raton, FL